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Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Service that you can depend on.

We work hard to provide you with the service you deserve. We are here to help you succeed in your business. That's why we have a standard of service that is far above others in our market. Our goal is to make your business the most successful it can be. That's what makes us your partner.

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Delivery that makes your business stronger.

Our delivery gold standard is something that is often imitated but never duplicated.
Our 80 year reputation of gold standard service is something that we take very seriously. From the rigorous maintenance of our fleet of late model trucks & equipment to the demanding nature of our training and safety programs, everything we do is geared towards making sure your business is as successful as possible.
Our Delivery Services Include:
  • Unassisted Rooftop Delivery
  • Low Slope Rooftop Delivery
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Fiber Cement & Stone
  • Decking
  • Windows
Unassisted Rooftop Delivery

Unassisted Rooftop Delivery

Discover how our two-man delivery teams will load your roof job unassisted, saving you time and money. You don't have to be on site to supervise, let alone catch. Our two-man teams regularly rooftop materials on steep roofs - 12/12 or greater, no problem!

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Low Slope Delivery

Low Slope Delivery

Learn how our rooftop delivery of commercial materials can save you time and money with our 72' cranes, which have the capability to lift up to eight units of ISO at once! You can count on Wimsatt for your tapered insulation system design. Our in-house tapered design staff can quickly produce a quote for you, whether you're installing a manufacturer-warranted or non-warranted system.

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Vinyl Siding Delivery

Vinyl Siding Delivery

We deliver vinyl siding shrouded and strapped to pallets, making the material and accessories easy to account for - you won't find your material dumped on the ground at the jobsite.

Fiber Cement & Stone Delivery

Fiber Cement & Stone Delivery

We protect our fiber cement siding and manufactured stone with covered storage at our warehouses and even cover them with weather-resistant vinyl shrouds for transportation and drop-off. And when we deliver your material, it will be placed at convenient locations on your jobsite via tail-mounted forklift.

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Decking Delivery

This is NOT your average "lumber dump"! Decking material is delivered covered to a convenient location on your jobsite via tail-mounted forklift.

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Window Delivery

Our window and door deliveries are made via box van and labeled by room for your convenience. A Wimsatt representative will install screens and test the operation of hardware before job completion.

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

We are your partner in business.

More than salespeople, our Territory Managers act as a valuable resource for you and your company. You can lean on their knowledge and experience to help you face the challenges affecting your business today. Your Territory Manager is available to consult with you and even ride along with you on sales calls to lend credibility as your supplier, give you sales insight to help you improve your presentation skills, and help increase your sales.

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier


The experienced building material experts at Wimsatt are eager to quote jobs for you. We will even help you specify your job when you need assistance.
We offer professional, accurate material estimates on a wide range of exterior building material projects:

    Light Commercial, Multifamily/Project, Whole House Take-Offs, Garage Packages
    Steep Slope Roofing & Exterior Cladding
    Windows – rough opening schedule prepared by room
    Decking – substructure, decking, and railing
    Low-Slope Roofing – BUR, APP, Single Ply, Tapered Insulation Systems

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

[Y]our Showroom

Each Wimsatt Branch has a clean, spacious showroom featuring large installed displays of our building products.
These displays serve as a tool to help explain the installation process. This is also the perfect environment for you to send your customers to for product selection. Let them see the possibilities in a way no sample board, brochure, or flip book can allow. Our friendly and courteous sales staff will be happy to answer their questions and refer them back to you. We also offer rental of our conference room!

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Will-Call Service

Will-Call Ordering at your disposal.
When you need your order, you need it now! Nobody likes to wait in line for their order to be pulled. This is where our Will-Call Program comes in.

  1. Call your order in and within 30 minutes we will have your order pulled and ready for pickup
  2. Pick up your paperwork in the office
  3. Head directly to the yard’s designated will-call area, where our warehouse personnel will load your order and you’ll be on your way!

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Seamless Gutter Program

Let us Roll your K-Style Gutter!
Purchase Gutter by the: Coil (350#)
Custom length by the linear foot
Roll-formed K-style gutter by the linear foot in 5" and 6"*
Supporting gutter components and accessories in stock
Colors matching popular vinyl siding products from CertainTeed/Wolverine and Mastic Home Exteriors in stock
Over 18 colors in stock - ask your salesperson for our Gutter Card!

Michigan and Northern Ohio Roofing and Building Supplier

Fiberglass Insulation Program

We'll arm you with the sales tools you'll need to set yourself up as an insulation expert, and you don't need to worry about overhead: we rent out insulation blowing machines from each of our branches, and the first 24 hours are free with a 10-bag purchase of fiberglass blowing insulation, or 20-bag purchase of cellulose insulation.